Relocation industry veterans

promoting change from within

From Virtual Survey Pioneers:

In 2016, we started on a journey to make the Virtual Survey a globally utilized estimation tool for the HHG industry, through Crater / Shyft Moving. At that time we discovered an amazing pool of young professionals, eager to work in our industry and truly passionate about making the moving process easier. Took an army of these young people to turn the Virtual Survey into the industry standard that it has become.

Today, we provide HHG companies with access to this same talented workforce, enabling them to seize the benefits of utilizing a more productive, more loyal and less expensive workforce, in a fully managed model.

With COVID 19 rapidly turning remote work into the new normal, leading companies in the world are restructuring their operations around a semi-remote or fully-remote future. In both the US and Europe, workers are leaving their jobs at record pace, for new, remote work opportunities.

Erik & Andrea Christensen